Customer service and after sales support

Customer service and after sales support are paramount in every industry. In UROMAC Maschinen Germany, we take this a step further.
Providing a pleasant and user friendly pre customer service and matching this by executing a superior customer service support at the back end has been the hallmarks of UROMAC.
UROMAC range of machines are manufactured to the best-in-class standards and this is evident in the series of Factory tests that machines are subjected to before they leave the plant. Trained Factory Engineers are on site to supervise every stage of the production cycle with high quality control standards put in place.
With such stringent tests being conducted, it is no wonder that we do not receive negative customer feedback but even in such a scenario, we do not let our guard down and push our Factory towards a zero defect policy.
However, in the unlikely event that customer receives a machine with some defects, our 12 months Factory warranty will kick in and the defective parts will be treated accordingly. This leaves peace of mind to the customer who thus can focus on running his business efficiently.
With our Customer Service Centres installed in strategic parts of Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai and in Europe, we are never too far when service demands are called for. These locations stock essential components to immediately troubleshoot any defective components or merely to perform a normal servicing. Trained Engineers are also on site to attend to customers’ needs.
Machines , likes automobiles on the road, require regular servicing in order to perform at optimum levels and to yield a good ROI. After the 12 months Factory warranty lapses, customers can subscribe to our Annual Maintenance Program where the machine will be maintained at quarterly intervals. To know more about this package, please contact us for a no obligation quote to meets your needs.
Machines are only as good as they are handled well. At UROMAC we have a track record of exporting good quality machines internationally, at competitive prices and machines that are built to last a lifetime.


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